Shaina (Intelligence)

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All artwork created by Dori Desautel Broudy and sold by the Gallery of Good are manufactured exclusively in the United States by highly-skilled craftsmen and women with whom Dori is proud to partner.

Art Print

Dimensions: Various

Features: Matte finish

Additional options: Framed (white) or unframed


Dimensions: 6.25 inches (L) x 4.5 inches (W)

Features: Blank inside; accompanied by white envelope


Dimensions: Various

Features: Acid-free; UV-protected; matte-finish

Acrylic (Mounted)

Dimensions: Various widths and lengths; 1/8 thickness

Features: UV-protected; non-glare acrylic

Acrylic Block

Dimensions: One-inch thickness; various widths and lengths

Features: Diamond cut; protective backing suitable for flat or upright display


Dimensions: 14.5 inches (L) x 20 inches (W) x 7 inches (D)

Features: 100% cotton adorned with artwork from the Gallery of Good

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Product Type

Totes, Stationery, Art Print, Canvas, Acrylic, Acrylic Block


Tote 14.5"L x 20"W x 7"D, Stationery 1 Count, Stationery 6 Count, Stationery 15 Count, Unframed Art 11×14, Framed Art 11×14, Unframed Art 18×24, Framed Art 18×24, Unframed Art 24×36, Framed Art 24×36, Canvas 5×5, Canvas 10×10, Canvas 11×14, Canvas 18×24, Canvas 24×36, Acrylic 11×14, Acrylic 18×24, Acrylic 24×36, Acrylic Block 4×6, Acrylic Block 5×5, Acrylic Block 6×8, Acrylic Block 9×12, Acrylic Block 10×10