About Dori and Her Mission

Photo by Traci Elaine

Photo by Traci Elaine

So She Says:  “The Gallery of Good® was a long time coming; after a childhood full of story-telling, drawing and playing, followed by playing sports, focusing on legal studies and a career in commercial litigation, it wasn’t until my own children showed an interest in art that I thought about returning to my creative roots.

Having made the conscious choice to step away from the practice of law to raise a family full-time, however, anything art-related (or otherwise) that I was going to engage in was going to have to check off a few boxes: first, I didn’t want to compromise my time with my kids, and they were going to have be able to be as involved in my work as possible.

Anything I was doing also had to provide me with an opportunity to set a positive example for them (and hopefully help others at the same time), which is why everything in the Gallery of Good® has a portion of the sale proceeds dedicated to charity.  Finally, it had to feel as much fun as it did when I was a child. I’m happy to report that not only are all the boxes checked off, but it’s more fun than I could have ever imagined.”


Dori Desautel Broudy is a native New Englander (turned proud Philadelphian) whose portfolio celebrates the sanctity of childhood, the joys of friendship and the purity of play. Self-taught, Dori has been illustrating and designing her entire life.  She experienced a bit of a hiatus from her creative interests when she pursued pre-law studies and collegiate soccer at Colby College in Waterville, Maine; law school at Suffolk Law School in Boston; nearly ten years as a commercial litigator in New England, New York and Philadelphia; followed by her most important role: that of mother to three beautiful children, two girls and a boy, with her husband of 17 years, Josh.

Dori has been grateful to see how art has instilled creativity, confidence and strong communication skills with her children, and when she founded the Gallery of Good® in 2018, it was, in large part, to nurture those qualities in her family as well as others. Social responsibility is a major component of the Gallery of Good®: every purchase has a portion of the net proceeds dedicated to charity; all of the vendors with whom Dori partners in the production of her work as well as all other components of her business are located within the United States; and she regularly donates her works and time, and develops special collections, to philanthropic organizations designed to improve the lives of children and their families.  Each of Dori’s events-from exhibits of her latest work to demonstrations of her artistic process-is centered on charity, and, to date, she has contributed to more than two dozen causes or organizations.

Although responses may vary to her work, Dori hopes that universal reactions will include the prioritization of pausing each day to celebrate childhood, family and friendship, as well as creation of a heightened sense of social responsibility for others.

Dori’s most recent projects include collaborating with the Four Seasons Hotel for World Kindness Day; leading a holiday residency at Boyds of Philadelphia to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters and raising more than $100,000 for the Abramson Cancer Center of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania through the sale of her original work.

Dori has (currently inactive) licenses to practice law in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and multiple federal courts, and is a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center; as well as the Colby Captains Club.