It’s Been Said

Dori Desautel Broudy Philadelphia Artist Reviews

Photo by The Scout Guide

So She Says: “While I’d love to say that it doesn’t matter what people say about my work, the truth of the matter is that I hope it’s found to be joyous, unique and relatable. Far more intimidating than anything I ever experienced as a lawyer-where every victory (and failure) was shared by an entire legal team, and was based on objective principles of the black letter law-the subjectivity of art, and the fact that I’m solely responsible for any reactions to my work, creates a level of vulnerability that I may never get used to. With this vulnerability, however, comes a great sense of pride upon receiving positive feedback for my work, especially when it comes from my own children.”

What People Say

“Dori’s artwork is so full of positive energy and excitement! Each piece is vibrant and colorful, and uplifting. She has an incredible selection of designs, and each one is unique and a reflection of her. Purchasing art from Dori is a seamless process, and I highly recommend!”

– Jessica Kartalija, News Anchor CBS Philadelphia

“Every time I look at one of Dori’s creations I feel uplifted and inspired—a terrific gift to give to special people in your life!”

– Carolyn Oakley Lowe, Attorney, Lowe & Associates

“Dori’s colorful artwork adds a dash of happy wherever it goes!”

– Eddie Ross, Co-founder/Chief Content Creator of Maximalist Studios, author and designer

“I don’t like it. I am just kidding Mom! It’s really hard to choose the best one. Did that hurt your feelings?”

– Penn Bridges Broudy, age 7