Face Masks: Wearing is Caring

Health: Yours, theirs, everyone’s. Triple-layer protection with an insert for a fourth.

Comfort: 100% cotton with adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

Quality: Handsewn by Master Tailors

Support Local: Sourced entirely in the USA by six small businesses

Giving Back: Supports COVID-19 Charities

So She Says: “If you were to tell me one year ago that my artwork would be converted into face mask form, well…let’s just say I would have had my doubts. In the spirit of full disclosure, the LAST thing I wanted to do was enter the face mask domain.  However, as health and safety concerns became heightened, local businesses were closing, people were in an overall state of fear, and demand for my artwork in such a presentation was increasingly requested, I tried to determine how I could address as many such looming issues as possible, if not all of them. My desire to help was compounded by the racial unrest which came to head this past summer.

The outcome may very well be my proudest achievement from the Gallery of Good® to date:

I researched, interviewed, ran product testing, and interviewed lots and lots and lots of people.  Determined to support as many local businesses as possible, including Black-Owned businesses and Woman-Owned businesses, I deconstructed the mask production process.  Six separate small, specialized businesses local to the Philadelphia area-from design to image scanning to fabric sourcing to graphic design to hand sewing and art print conversion-are solely responsible for the triple-layer, 100% cotton, machine washable, hand-sewn designs.  What’s more, every purchase supports various local, state and federal COVID-19 recovery funds.

All in all, the product conversion I most loathed, is probably the form of my art which brings me the most joy.  During this time of relative uncertainty, I hope they are able to bring you a sense of joy as well.”

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