NFTs and Finding Dori in the OpenSea

1.  What is an NFT?

Literally speaking, NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token.”  NFTs are unique digital items that leverage blockchain technology and have become one of the hottest items in the blockchain and art space over the past year. To understand the implications of NFTs being “non-fungible” in nature, it is helpful to first understand what it means for an item to be “fungible”.

A fungible item is anything that is interchangeable – it holds no special value or unique qualities which distinguish it from another of the same. This means that two fungible items can be exchanged for one another without any financial consequence.  For example, a dollar bill is a fungible item since there is no difference in value between two different dollar bills-both are functionally worth $1-nor is either unique in any way.

“Non-fungible” items are any items that provide value because they hold some sort of unique characteristic or attribute. Art pieces are an example of non-fungible items because each piece has its own unique appearance, quality, and story which makes it one-of-a-kind.

Since the advent of the computer, artists have been using computer technology to create meaningful “non-fungible” art pieces. However, there was never an easy way to prove who the owner of a given piece was, since everything existed digitally. The breakthrough of blockchain technology has, for the first time, given ownership and transferability rights to digital art pieces.

Today, NFTs represent an exciting opportunity for both artists and collectors alike. This has launched a cultural transformation as the domain of art has transcended into the digital space.

2.  What renders an NFT valuable (generally and with respect to Dori’s portfolio)?  

NFTs have, for the first time, brought both ownership and transfer rights to digital items. Ownership over something completely unique, such as an NFT, is appealing to just about anyone – whether an investor, a traditional art collector or an everyday person who wishes to own a piece of art that is meaningful to him/her. NFTs have also been increasingly used as vehicles for people to support charitable causes they believe in, and the collection of such has helped create communities where individuals with shared interests can convene.

As an illustrator whose original works have rarely ever been made available for sale, as well as a creator of unique NFTs, Dori has married the two worlds by creating a portfolio of pieces whose worth is heightened on numerous levels:

    • A true one-of-a-kind piece: Each of Dori’s NFTs available for purchase is one-of-a-kind. Every NFT will exist as a unique piece of digital art, minted to the blockchain, verifying both the ownership and proof of authenticity to the owner.
    • A unique medium of art: Dori’s work also represents the best of both worlds from an art investment. Each of her works incorporates her original, hand-drawn illustrations. These “manually-generated generative pieces” are some of the first-of-its-kind in the NFT space.
    • Combination of digital and physical art: In addition to receiving the NFT, the purchaser will also receive a diamond-cut, gallery-quality acrylic block of the NFT image bought, along with a personalized artist statement by Dori herself, commemorating the purchase and how it will support the charities associated with the collection. (Please note: in order to receive the acrylic block, an appropriate mailing address must be shared).
    • Supporting a greater cause: As with all forms of artwork found in Dori’s portfolio, her NFT collection is entirely mission-driven. The majority of net proceeds (and regarding her first drop, 100% of the net proceeds) will be donated to charities supporting the victims of the crisis in Ukraine, including World Central Kitchen (; UNICEF (; Save the Children (; and

3.  How to Purchase an NFT (generally and with respect to Dori’s pieces):

In order to purchase an NFT, one first needs to set up a cryptocurrency wallet.  There are numerous resources relative to such; one may follow these steps to create a Coinbase Wallet orMetamask wallet.  For help setting up a Coinbase Wallet, follow along with the tutorial here. For help on setting up a Metamask wallet, click here to see instructional video.

Within the wallet, purchase the desired amount of ETH. ETH is the cryptocurrency that will be used to bid on one of Dori’s NFTs. On both Metamask and Coinbase Wallet, you can connect to your credit card or bank account to purchase cryptocurrency. Follow the tutorials linked above for more information.

Dori’s collection of NFTs is available for purchase at OpenSea. The only place to safely purchase one or more of Dori’s NFTs is through the attached link, which is available throughout her website and on her Instagram or LinkedIn accounts.  Do not attempt to buy her NFTs elsewhere.

Dori’s works are being presented for sale in a two week-long auction from April 15, 2022 to April 29, 2022. Prospective buyers must submit their bids before 11:59pm EST on April 29, 2022.

4. How to bid on Dori’s NFT(s):

First, visit OpenSea and create an account by connecting a Coinbase or Metamask Wallet. For help setting up an account, follow this tutorial. Next, access Dori’s portfolio on OpenSea through her website or one of her social media platforms; thereafter select the desired NFT(s) on which to bid and do so. For more information on how to bid on an NFT, follow this tutorial.

5.  Additional, important vocabulary :

    • OpenSea is the online marketplace where Dori’s NFT portfolio is available for sale. OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for NFTs.
    • Blockchain refers to the type of database used to create, store and transfer NFTs. A blockchain stores information electronically in digital format; such technology rose to prominence with Bitcoin, as it provides a secure and decentralized record of transactions. Unlike other types of databases where information is stored, the information maintained in a blockchain may be recorded and distributed but not edited, adding a heightened level of fidelity to data stored therein.
    • Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency used to purchase (among other things) NFTs.  Different platforms where NFTs are sold accept different types of cryptocurrency.  In OpenSea, for example, where Dori’s NFTs are located, “Ether” or “ETH” is the accepted form of cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin is another popular form of cryptocurrency.
    • Ethereum is the first-ever programmable blockchain which allowed for the creation and transfer of NFTs.  “ETH” is the cryptocurrency used to purchase NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain where Dori’s NFT portfolio is located.
    • Minting is the process that a digital item-whether a photo, a video, or something else-undergoes to be converted into an NFT. Once an NFT is minted, the ownership record of the item is established. After that point, the owner can sell the item, transfer it to someone else, or keep it themselves.
    • Gas fees can be thought of as a transaction cost similar to that of a credit card, or shipping/handling costs associated with an in-person or other online purchase.

6. What if I still have questions about purchasing NFTs?

When purchasing an NFT from Dori’s collection, one has the benefit of numerous levels of support, ranging from general information, email support, as well as Concierge Service for those bidding greater than $10,000.00 (in ETH) on any given piece.

For those with addtional questions regarding how to purchase one or more of Dori’s NFTs, please contact Support by clicking on "Contact NFT Support" button below. For those wishing to bid greater than $10,000.00 (in ETH) on any particular piece, please contact Concierge Service by clicking on "Contact NFT Concierge" button below to arrange for an appointment with a live member of Dori’s NFT Support Team.

*Please note that Technical Support and Concierge Service are limited exclusively to those who wish to purchase one of Dori’s NFTs.


Purchase Inquiries About Dori’s NFTs

If you have additonal questions regarding how to purchase one or more of Dori’s NFTs, please check the NFT(s) you have questions about and complete the form below the checkboxes. One of our support members will get back to you.


Which NFTs do you have questions about?  Please check all applicable NFTs.

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    Concierge Service for Purchasing Dori's NFTs

    For those wishing to bid greater than $10,000.00 (in Eth) on any particular piece, please check the NFT(s) you are inquiring about and complete the Concierge form below. Concierges support will arrange an appointment with a live member of Dori’s NFT Support Team.


    Which NFTs do you have questions about?  Please check all applicable NFTs.

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      The NFT Collection

      Dori’s first portfolio of mission-driven NFTs  consists of 17 one-of-one, entirely unique pieces which incorporate Dori’s original hand-drawings into a digital presentation. Entitled “For Sam” to honor her friend, the late youth peace ambassador Samantha Smith, below are three pieces which are both exemplary of the Collection as well as celebratory of Sam’s legacy of unity, hope and love for all.

      100% of the net proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be dedicated to organizations in support of Ukraine which are addressing the global humanitarian crisis (including World Central Kitchen (, Save the Children (, and UNICEF ( 

      The collector of this NFT will also receive a gallery-quality, diamond-cut acrylic block presentation of the NFT image, along with a personalized Artist Statement, as thanks for supporting efforts to extend hope, love and peace to others.

      To see all 17 pieces in the collection, visit Dori's portfolio on OpenSea.

      The Power of a Flower™ No. 1

       “The Power of a Flower™ No. 1'':  a one-of-one, entirely unique, hand-generated generative NFT, this piece is meant to symbolize the hope, love and longevity symbolized by Ukraine’s national flower (the sunflower).

      From Philly With LOVE™ No. 1

      "From Philly With Love™ No. 1": a one-of-one, entirely-unique, hand-generated generative NFT, this piece is meant to symbolize the promise of a better future for the people of Ukraine by honoring how the City of Brotherly Love-our nation's first capital-has served as a beacon for hope, democracy, and yes-love for so very many. 

      No Place Like Home™ No. 3

      “No Place Like Home™ No. 3'':  a one-of-one, entirely unique, hand-generated generative NFT, this piece celebrates the beauty of the people of Ukraine and, with such bright, cheerful colors, is meant to honor the many generations of children who have been born there, including numerous dear people Dori is proud to call her friends. 

      Disclaimer Regarding NFTs FAQs: Although every effort has been made to provide accurate and complete information, all content is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. DDB makes no representations regarding, and has no control over, third party links. DDB does not provide legal, tax, financial or investment advice and disclaims any and all legal liability related to your use of this information. Trading any crypto-related and blockchain assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is extremely risky and could result in significant capital losses and unexpected liabilities. Please do your own research to determine whether and how to invest in NFTs.