Press & Praise

Dori’s work was recently highlighted in, Authority Magazine as well as Ariana Huffington’s “Thrive Global” Magazine. Please view her features at the links below.

Thrive Global feature:

Authority Magazine:

Dori and her work were also recently highlighted in Tastefully Inspired’s Art and Design Blog, focusing on the integration of art and photography in commercial spaces. To access the article in totality, please click the link below:

Dori’s Event at Capofitto was Featured in Various News Outlets

*Video courtesy of Kenzie Black

The event at Capofitto was a success.  Click here to see the gallery and read more about the event.

Dori Was Interviewed By Design Showcase

You can view the entire video here.

Reviews for Dori’s Artwork and Photography

“I was fortunate to attend a recent show of Dori Broudy. A range of works were displayed- beautiful photographs of nature juxtaposed with colorful illustrations capturing the whimsy of play and innocence of childhood. Her novel series of dresses are layered with meaning, each piece playfully celebrating the individuals they are named for while also evoking the virtues within. The colors she uses are vibrant -each image gloriously rising off the page as if to join the festivities and music of the party.  A philanthropist at heart, Dori’s work encourages social engagement by depicting images of beauty and strength. Her support of the community she is a part of and organizations she cares about (like Phebe Anna Thorne) is admired and appreciated.”
Amanda Ulrich, Director of Phebe Anna Thorne School

“Dori’s work perfectly captures the joys of childhood and beauty of nature.  I had the pleasure of working with Dori when her artwork and photography were auctioned off at Project Sunshine’s Annual Gala at Cipriani in New York City.  In addition to providing a stunning photograph of fall foliage, she created a beautiful special Limited-Edition dress, the ‘Sunny,’ from her ‘Successes of Dresses’ series.  The response to these pieces was extremely positive and helped Project Sunshine in their fundraising efforts.  Dori is an absolute pleasure to work with and the ultimate professional.  She also has a big heart; donating a portion of the net proceeds from every sale to numerous charitable organizations.”
Kate Tylis, Co-Founder, Tylis Family Foundation

“Dori’s photographs are vibrant in color and personality, giving a ‘pop of fun’ to any house, office or restaurant decor.  Dori’s dress sketches are delicate and beautiful and are perfect for baby shower gifts to hang in a little girl’s dreamy room.”
Allison Weiss Brady,  Art Collector/Philanthropist

Gallery for Event at Capofitto

Dori Desautel Broudy’s April 17th event at Capofitto in Philadelphia was an evening of fine art and photography, complimented by delicious food, fine wine and incredible support by family, friends and supporters of the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia.  The evening, meant to showcase Dori’s portfolio and support the 200 block of Chestnut Street devastated by a fire in February, began with a cocktail reception where guests such as Philadelphia Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, MSNBC’s Joe Watkins, and Philadelphia Union Soccer star Fafa Picault were in attendance.

Capofitto was filled to capacity, and the evening was a tremendous success. Dori’s work remains exhibited at the restaurant, with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of such works to support Old City businesses.

*Photographs courtesy of HughE Photography